2009 and its legacy, the global recession, was not an easy year for many and even still the impact of the financial crisis can be felt in the early months of 2010.  But let’s look on the bright side for a second.  One of the lessons of the economic downturn, to me at least, was being able to recognize a serious problem and having time to come up with a solution for it. 

The great calamity of the 2009 recession came as a result of the collapse in the housing market.  Too many people were manipulated into buying overpriced property they couldn’t afford.  The housing market bubble was global, and its negative impact was felt in some countries faster than others and like all good rides that must come to an end it started in the United States, then in Europe and followed by Asia and the Middle East.

The Solution

In my view the solution to this problem is very simple.  To make eZeliving a reality it is important to first start by raising the standard and quality of life by eliminating the backbreaking cost of homeowner off of the individual by making it affordable and with reach of the working citizen.    It is absolutely paramount to take the stress of owning high quality shelter, a human necessity, away and making it available and affordable.

 Here is the great news.  With the technology that is available to us today, homes of the future can easily be assembled and at a cost of under US $140,000 for a 4 bedroom, two bathroom modern home.  Better yet the payment terms are simple and straightforward as well if only the banks would stop their excessive greed.  With a payment of US $1000 dollars a month from a household income of US $5000 any couple or family can pay off their home in less than 12 years. 

I want to kick start this project soon so if anyone in the engineering or venture capital community is interest in this eZeliving project please send me an email at shahabi@consultant.com

Here are a few pictures of what I think the homes of tomorrow should look like.