At eZeliving we challenge norms, question lifestyle choices and critique architectural designs in order to maximize positive energy in the habitat we live in be it the home or office. Our goal is to live up to the eZeliving principles that revolve around functional wellness of the body and mind.

On this note I want to draw your attention to a zone in the home where we often spent a good percentage of our time in, the “cleansing zone” or otherwise known as the bathroom.

In 90% of homes the cleansing zone is cluttered, boxy and with a too many rugged edges and pert space. It also has very little color creativity and fails to deliver on purpose other than to get you in and out as fast as possible.

It is safe to say that many of the architectural and interior design work are rush jobs stemming from an industrial era mindset and because of this reality the zone is filled with stress and negative energy where in fact it should be the exact opposite.

It’s a design flaw of our own doing but we can certainly fix it if we take a minute to think about the importance of this zone.

Because of our fast paced and dare I say crazy modern life we have often neglected to take a moment and evaluate the purpose of the cleansing ritual and therefore deny ourselves the tranquility of being at peace with water and earth. The cleansing zone is a place of peace and harmony that brings the body, mind and water together. It is a place where the rituals of cleansing, meaning the series of actions that we do to help heal the body of its poisons and stresses take place. It is a moment of tranquility where the current home design fails to recognize or deliver such calm.

To harmonize the cleansing zone and make it fully functional the zone need to be clear of distraction, simplified down to the fundamentals of cleansing including the essential tools. To create this aura of peace the zone should have 4 key components within an open floor design with each of the functional tools at least 2 meter apart from each other.

1) The open floor sky shower
2) The wall fountain washbasin
3) The pond tub
4) The lavatory

At eZeliving we suggest the color for this zone to be white and light wood brown, or white and ocean blue.

A video sample of some designs that are close to the open floor cleansing zone we have in mind.