In line with promoting public health and wellness via its webcast we are including a monthly event where 8 of the top doctors, health and fitness experts, scientists and nutritionists will be conferences about the changes taking place in the ever evolving field of medicine and healthcare.

This event will be under the brand make The Ultimate You Series or TUYS.

The Format of TUYS

» 8 speakers
» 8 minutes
» 8 topics

In front of a live audience both on and offline

Reaching A new Target Audience 

The Target Audience both online and offline will be reached by leveraging a cross communication model that is highly targeted and specific.

  • 250 to 500 participants per venue x 12 events per year
  • 2,000,000 online viewers
  • 250,000 geo-targeted WhatsApp notifications
  • 100,000 SMS notification
  • 120,000 email members

Why Partner with US?
We have 8 reasons why

R1. Your brand will be associated with health, wellness and lifestyle forum
R2. You are targeting a health conscious demographic
R3. Online visibility of your brand
R4. First page Google ranking
R5. Stage branding with world class speakers
R6. Video intro branding
R7. Booth presence
R8. Great PR as other media groups will be attending to cover the event

Partnership Opportunity with this event

We are looking to partner with a select number of brands ONLY

»US $25,000    per month x 1  month commitment
»US $19,000    per month x 3  month commitment
»US $16,000    per month x 6  month commitment
»US $12,000    per month x 12 month commitment