Why we launched eZeliving

eZeLiving.com Team

FACT 2 with so many products and services on the marketplace making purchasing decisions has become a daunting task that often leads to indecision.

FACT 1 – in today’s 900 channel world more consumers are turning away from traditional media as a primary source of information.

FACT 3 – with growing competition more companies are failing to distinguish themselves.

FACT 4 –  consumers demand product insight on their time and on their terms.  AND,

FACT 5 – for clinics and hospitals to thrive they need to provide the right kind of product knowledge that will build consumer confidence.

In recognizing these challenges, our mission is to help the healthcare industry present it self, and it’s products and services using a more citizen centric approach.


eZeliving is Search Engine Optimized

eZeliving.com has a dynamic infrastructure that incorporates the best of global branding, sales techniques, and call to action marketing.  ourteam1

For example try typing these headings in Google and see for yourself.One of the advantages of being on eZeliving.com over other portals is that we are fully Search Engine Optimized.  Any “topic specific” headline we add on our pages will get first page Google ranking within 48hours.

• Dr. Marc Meuller Sleep Apnea
• Dr. Uwe Klima preventing Heart Disease
• Eternal Clinic  getting a facelift
• Diabetes kills don’t be a victim


We Create Consumer Focused Content

All of the content that is produced for eZeliving is delivered as an “infomercial” and is highly consumer centric, meaning that we have the best interest of the general public at heart. For this reason our audience trusts us and know that the content they are watching is informative and helpful.

In brief,Our-Team3

We say things that doctors, health specialists often overlook or forget to say,

We say things from a consumer’s point of view in an eZe to understand language,
We say things that solves problems or meets a demand, and
We say things about an illness, treatment or cure / solution that will ultimately make the health center behind it look good

This form of new marketing is called “Brand Journalism” and we are VERY GOOD at it.


Every Video has a “Call to Action” strategy 

One of the great features on eZeliving.com is our call to action strategy. Under every video presentation is a business banner that will help lead viewers to a point of sale. Simply by clicking on the banner below visitors on each page will be directed to a business website where they can be served. For our business clients this will help them shorten the sale cycle by driving prescreened leads to their POS (point of sale).


Every video has its own distribution channel

eZeliving.com has a content distribution and video
promotion strategy like no other media outlet.

We are plugged in through social media such as Facebook with over 100,000 followers across our lifestyle network of associations.

Our guarantee to clients is minimum 25,000 views on each video clip we post in less than 30 days.